TEAMO2 - Group Neuroleadership coaching

Stimulate Collective Intelligence around Change

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As part of SuperHumain™, our mission is to transform the operating framework of individuals and business teams to become exceptional thinkers and extraordinary leaders. We offer group neuro-coaching that bring science-based transformational programs to your door.

When two forces unite, their efficiency double. – Isaac Newton

TEAMO₂ - Group neuro-coaching is a neuro-scientifically grounded program designed based on cognitive sciences insights to identify, stimulate and synergize the individual brain profiles of team members and turn them into a winning team.

More resilient, more engaged, more flexible, more creative, all-round leur résilience, and effective, together building a flourishing company* . On a personal level, it will improve the sense of mastery autonomy, purpose and emotional intelligence.

How do we operate ?

First, we identify the brain designs of the individual team members, using our proven BRAINO₂ tool. It shows members a clear picture of their individual style and strengths.

Based on these brain designs, a tailor-made team program is built to optimize team synergy. It includes assignments and creative workshop based on operational team challenges.

It’s effective and synergetic, resulting in effective and efficient outcomes to thrive as a team in challenging timing.

In many cases, we have had team leaders report that they have witnessed a tangible improvement in the performance of their team as soon as the day after running a TEAMO₂ coaching session.

Who is it for?

C-Suits level teams, 6-12 members, all types of industries and departments. This program can be extended to develop individual members into becoming a Symbiotic Brainer.

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Key Results

  • Teams become more Resilient, Creative and Flexible in managing change
  • Being better at Collaboration, Communication and Solving Problems
  • An Understanding of each other’s strengths, improving performance.
  • Creating group synergy in pursuing shared goals
  • Seeing positivity in people, situations and events
  • Sharing goals and purpose
  • Expressing ideas in a creative way
  • Negotiating and resolving disagreements


We can help you become SUPERHUMAIN™ and support your organization on the path to growth and prosperity.

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