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Running an organisation can be a tricky and risky task in light of today’s with technological disruption and increased economic instability. The more a business grows, the more complex it becomes.

We know that change is inevitable too and leaves only two options: change or be changed. Absorb or be absorbed.

The unique quality of this complexity represents a real opportunity for managers and entrepreneurs since the solutions to such operational issues also increase the chances of strengthening a company’s financial health.

Our objective is to combine the rigor and methodology of consultancy with the pragmatism and responsiveness required by corporate management :

  • Vision stratégique A strategic and operational vision
  • Intervenants expérimentésExperienced and committed contributors
  • Partage avec nos clients et interlocuteurs A sharedentrepreneurial spirit with our clients and contacts

Top managers and head offices choose our neuroleadership audits – CO₂MPANY to:

  • Supportand help their executives and organizations grow through efficient Neuroleadership, Strategy, and Operations consulting;
  • Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their organizational practices.
You cannot solve a problem with the same way of thinking that created it in the first place. You have to learn a new way of thinking.– Albert Einstein

How do we operate ?

We provide support and guidance to managers, addressing every managerial issue in every field of intervention from  Energy to Synergy, by:

  • Evaluating existing managerial procedures (including CSR & QSE);
  • Analyze the allocation of resources ;
  • Evaluate the business model and strategies integrated into the core of the business plan;
  • Assess collective rather than individual effectiveness.

The objectives of our audit are numerous, the main ones being the following:

  • Clearly define the main objectives of the organization;
  • Establishing a well-defined organizational structure with clear lines, i.e. a communication channel, an organizational hierarchy, and more (to avoid confusion when reporting at the end of the day);
  • Identifying management inefficiencies in the company’s main functional areas, i.e. finance, sales and marketing;
  • Proposing managerial improvement measures based on cognitive science knowledge to boost collective performance within a caring environment.

Overall, our neuroleadership audit and advice are key in boosting the synergy of your teams towards facilitating sustainable performance performances durables au sein d’within a caring environment – Becoming a SUPERHUMAIN organisation.

Who is it for?

From Small to Large-sized companies

Our Personal Touch: CO2MPANY

  • Collective intelligence: fuelled by creativity, cooperation, compassion, communication... let’s unlock its power together!
  • O2xygen: let us breathe new life into your operational and collective transformation!
  • Motivation: make your employees feel happy and valued, the best way to boost their engagement.
  • Perspective: explore the field of possibilities for a successful and deeply human enterprise.
  • Agility: promote cognitive flexibility and adaptability among your teams to drive your strategic and operational agenda.
  • Neuroleadership: improve the well-being and creativity of your employees, boost their performance with neuroscience.
  • Youthful: the neuroscientific way to keep your brain young at heart!