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Our work and assessment systems take a completely different approach to other thinking styles assessments – as it is developed from a neurological model.

Our BRAINO₂ produces a straight-forward report based on a four- quadrant model. Although it is easy to interpret and understand it has a lasting impression on everyone who attends a neuro-coaching program.

The highest activity a human being can attain is learning for understanding, because to understand is to be free. – Spinoza

Helping you to get it right:

– As a Leader, knowing your brain design is the first step toward becoming a better version of yourself.

– As an Organization, this brain profiling service also provides the insight you need, to build high cognitive diversity

at every stage of the employee lifecycle – from candidate selection and onboarding to development and succession planning.

One of the reasons BRAINO₂ is so effective in improving the performance of individuals and teams therefore is because it is identifying how to get a person into their ‘flow’. It describes those exhilarating moments when we feel in control, full of purpose and energy and excited about what we are doing.

No wonder then that BRAINO2 is such a valuable tool for individuals and team leaders alike.

How do we operate ?

The BRAINO₂ report provides feedback on how the information processing styles of different brain regions combine to produce different psychological styles and preferences, and then how your energy and motivation is directed according to the relative weighting of those styles and preferences.

The diagrams use arrows with a figure on each to illustrate this weighting. This figure is used to emphasis the fact that we do all have a whole brain and can all access and use the processing styles of the whole of our brains. The BRAINO₂ report provides information on a person’s ‘Personal Profile’ as well as their ‘Professional Profile’.

The feedback report also that provides a comprehensive explanation of the BRAINO₂ and the neuroscience that sits behind it. It also provides information on different profiles and exercises that a person can undertake to explore the implications of their personal profile in greater detail.

Who is it for?

C-Suite Leaders, Chief People Officer, Manager, Entrepreneur

After receiving your report, you will have a dedicated meeting with our expert during 1h to explore your results.

Our Personal Touch: BRAINO2

  • Brain activity: how to foster, nurture, and boost it…
  • Renewal: unleash the exponential potential of your brain.
  • Action: set your neurons in motion and reveal the full scope of your cognitive ability.
  • Intelligence: IQ, CQ, EQ, DQ… intelligence is manifold. Tap into your brainpower!
  • Neuromanagement: create new neural pathways through self-discovery and learning.
  • O2xygen: let us breathe new life into your cognitive and human transformation!