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We all know the division of the brain between two hemispheres.

Following the research by the eminent neuroscientists Elkhonon Goldberg and Joseph LeDoux, we understand that: between our left hemisphere, which processes information in a sequential, analytical, step-by-step style and our right hemisphere, which processes information in a non-linear, intuitive, more relational style, and plus relationnelle, there exists a continuum of processing styles. But that is only part of the story.

Their conclusions pointed to the fact the way in which information is distributed between the brain regions: Four quadrants – each having a different perspective of the world and way of dealing with it. A strict division is therefore a myth. It is about how they work together, using these different perspectives in a synergetic way.

Based on this new breakthrough, SUPERHUMAIN™ undertook research with Neuroscience Institutions and Consulting supports to establish whether a link could be found between the numerous models of temperament and the combined processing styles of interacting brain regions.

Beyond our proven research findings, the BRAINO₂ tool was developed – a profiling tool that demonstrates the causal link between the psychology of a person and the neurology of their brain.


Only 3% of the people use all four quadrants*

Based on cognitive sciences insights, everyone has access to all four quadrants, but to varying degrees. However, our research findings has shown 3% of the C-Suite leaders interviewed have a preference for one quadrant, 65% have a preference for two quadrants, 29% favour three quadrants, while only 3% of C-Suite Leaders are using today the whole-brain approach in their management.

C-suite leaders themselves (65%) say their “right-brain” skills are weakest and recognize the need to strengthen their right-brain skills — including empathy and intuition — for a well-rounded whole-brain approach.


Full potential: Synergizing all four quadrants

Our tailored neuroleadership programs is based on a neuroscience protocol developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in Cambridge and at the Neuroleadership Institute in London.

We can help you become SUPERHUMAIN™, using cognitive sciences breakthroughs into coaching by applying it in an innovative way to the whole company:

  • CO₂MPANY– Audit and Neuroleadership consulting;
  • TEAMO₂ – Group Neuro-Coaching
  • CEO₂ – Neuro-Coaching to Business executives and entrepreneurs

We are ready to make the plan and work the plan with you by fully leveraging the intuitive and reflexive processes of the brain to transform the operating framework of individuals and business teams to become exceptional thinkers and extraordinary neuroleaders.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. – Albert Enstein

Want to find out your brain profile and how to apply our whole brainer approach and becoming SUPERHUMAIN™? Or how it can be applied to management teams and whole organizations?

Download the insights and outcome of our SYMBIO2TIC BRAIN method and book an introductory meeting with our team experts.

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