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The website www.superhumain.org (hereinafter called the “Site”) and all its sub-domains are owned and operated by the simplified joint-stock company SUPERHUMAIN (hereinafter called "SUPERHUMAIN"), with a share capital of € 5,000, registered in the Lyon Trade and Companies Register under number 902 299 866and whose registered office is located in Lyon, represented by its current legal representative Mr Alan CAUGANT.

Postal address: Wojo Business Centre - 4, place Amédée bonnet – 69002 Lyon Cedex

E-mail: info[@]superhumain. org

Telephone number: (33) 6 76 06 48 29

VAT NUMBER: FR53902299866

Publishing director

The Publishing Director is Mr Alan CAUGANT, CEO.

Coordonnées de l’hébergeur

The Web Host of the Site is:


Headquarters: 18 South Street, London, W1K 1DG

Telephone: ((44) 800 862 0379

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The Site was designed and built by E-CONE.

Headquarters: 3 rue de Funas, 38300 Bourgoin-Jallieu

Telephone: 04 37 03 71 87

Siren No 881435382

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The photographs, videos, computer graphics and any other technical and/or graphic elements available on the Site come from www.shutterstock.com and are free of rights. In application of the Intellectual Property Code, any reproduction or representation, in whole or in part, for any purpose whatsoever, is prohibited without the rights holders’ prior agreement.

Intellectual property

The Site, the elements composing the Site, and the services listed on the Site are protected by intellectual property law, namely copyright and/or trademark law and/or design rights and/or patent rights, SUPERHUMAIN is the sole owner.

SUPERHUMAIN has been granted all required prior and express authorisations from the third-party holders of the rights to distribute all the content of the Site, or made available via the Site, and in particular, the texts, drawings, graphics, images, photos, brands and logos of which it is not the owner.

All aforementioned contents are protected by intellectual property rights. SUPERHUMAIN grants the Internet user a non-exclusive private right to use the Site for consultation purposes only. The user shall not copy, modify, transcribe, extract, reuse and generally reproduce and distribute the said contents without the rights holders’ express authorisation. Any use other than private constitutes an infringement under the Intellectual Property Code and may thus result in legal proceedings being taken against the contravening user.

In general, the internet user undertakes not to damage in any way whatsoever the Site, its products, services etc., nor to make an improper use of it that would directly or indirectly discredit or devalueSUPERHUMAIN and/or its services and/or its image.


SUPERHUMAIN shall not be held responsible for the content of websites not published by SUPERHUMAIN that may be accessible through hyperlinks.

Les Utilisateurs du site Internet www.superhumain.org ne peuvent pas mettre en place un lien hypertexte en direction de ce site sans l’autorisation expresse et préalable de la société SUPERHUMAIN.