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Measure up to operational complexity by increasing organizational capacity

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SUPERHUMAIN™ is a coaching and consulting company focused on neuroscience-based innovative managerial techniques. As people are the greatest asset and most valuable resource in any business, SUPERHUMAIN™ has developed a method called ‘whole brain’ that uses effective techniques for building collaborative and committed teams to boost leadership and performance.

This integrated approach draws on neurosciences and emotional quotient to drive individual and organizational transformation.

Reveal, Guide, Transform

The brand’s emblematic and avant-garde philosophy favors personal growth. It fosters optimal collaboration between companies, teams, and individuals towards aligning their respective development cycles for mutual long and term benefit.

Heartfelt Entrepreneurship

Alan Caugant founded SUPERHUMAIN™ on strong human values:

  • IntegrityIntegrity
  • RespectRespect
  • HumilityHumility
  • EngagementEngagement

as well as on a constant, ethical and benevolent, dedication to meeting client expectations that establishes the core-brand identity of SUPERHUMAIN™ as, first and foremost, an attitude.

SUPERHUMAIN™ fulfils its mission in complete independence, driven by an unfaltering quest for excellence, passion and innovation.