Become a Neuroleader

Introducing a new program that trains your brain to become a better version of yourself

Synergizing Neuro-Leadership

We live in a demanding world.
As a company and as a leader, there are more and more issues and changes to deal with.

Environmental challenges, corporate responsibility, digital transformation, AI, increased competition, demanding consumers and the impact of social media, not to mention an unprecedented COVID-19 situation. At the same time we see a diversity of (demanding) generations working within one company.

To flourish under these circumstances, businesses need leaders who bring new perspectives, new thinking, new ideas and a different kind of energy – and who have the skills and knowledge to manage and inspire. That requires a new Leadership approach with the brain at its core, as confirmed by the research conducted with Accenture: Striking Balance with Whole-Brain Leadership. Accenture: Striking Balance with Whole-Brain Leadership.

Unfortunately we seem to be stuck in a left hemisphere dominated world, repeating the past over and over again. Progress, charge, inspiring and creating a movement are not in its dictionary, it's right brain imagination and inspiration, Are you ready to become a Neuroleader?

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift. – Einstein

Reveal, Guide, Transform

An integrated and tailored approach using neuro-science and EQ for Leaders, Teams and Organizational transformation.


Get your personal brain design.


Become a Symbiotic Brainer and flourish in VUCA times.


Stimulate Collective Intelligence around Change


Transforming to Adapt to Changes


Inspirational speeches to fuel symbiotic brain thinking.

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Our Customers are Our Best Partners and References

“I have only words of gratitude for energizing a wonderful TeamO2 workshop from the closeness and humor and for the overflowing passion that infected the whole group. The workshop has been truly enriching. It has allowed us to discover autonomously how to maximize our energy and neuronal efficiency through our thinking styles and how to empower our natural talents. Thank you very much for making this neuroleadership workshop a wonderful experience. It is a powerful tool to help our teams develop and create a culture of high performance in the company”.

Virginie CONTI
Director Human Resources and Talent Acquisition

¨ We decided to work with SuperHumain to understand the natural abilities of each collaborator and to develop a high intrapreneurship team, where each one can contribute from where he is happiest and most comfortable, collaborating collectively and complementing innovative and strategic project. This allowed us to focus the next professional development actions in an efficient and assertive way ... ¨.

Stéphanie Vasquez
Global HR Director